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tatau samoa Tupou1

Members of our Dance Group - The Traditional Dancers, are all getting tattooed by one of Samoa’s finest and well known tattooist Su'a Faumuina Tupou Laai.
Living up to the name of Samoa Tradition Resort, we are proud of our Samoan heritage and culture. Getting a Samoan tatau in a traditional manner is an honour for any young Samoan.

It is not easy to get a Samoan tatau, especially the traditional way, with all the traditional instruments/tools used by the Master tattoooist - Su'a Tupou Laai.

aivao tatau samoa1

Aivao from the Village of Puipaa, Faleata; almost done with his tatau. Photo taken on the 11th March 2015.

faigame tatau samoa1

Faigame, also from Puipaa, with his "almost complete" tatau. As we say in Samoa "malo le onosa'i", a gesture which roughly translates to a pad on the back for anyone enduring the pain throughout a tatau session of the day. Picture taken - 11 March 2015

onti faigame tatau samoa1

During a lengthy tatau session, Mr Onti sitting next to Faigame (lying down) knows the pain as he also just completed his 'Sogaimiti'. As Faigame is almost done with his 'tapulu tele' on his right leg. Photo taken - 11th March 2015.

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