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Hire a car with Samoa Tradition Resort, its quick & easy, convinient and its onsite. Our rates are competitve which is why we only offer to guests staying with us.

Confirm your stay with us and you dont need to pay for an extra deposit to confirm your vehicle hire option.

Our selection of family sedans, and 4WDS to bigger vans and pickup is available for you to choose from.

Our guests enjoy the quality of comfortable vehicles to see and explore our tropical island. Ask us at the reception for some sights and locations to visit. We have a dedicated team on standby to attend to any vehicle problems you may have on the road any time of the day/night. 

Going to Savaii? Yes, you can take our vehicles to Savaii Island (terms and conditions apply). Contact us for the appropriate arrangements such as the Ferry tickets & etc.

Standard Requirements:

Valid Drivers License &  Refundable Bond of usually 500 Tala

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