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Now, if you are travelling with a large group and looking for a good deal.

We have the following deal for you to include the following -

Accomodation for up to 22 Guests (2 x Apartments, and 4 x Suites)
Breakfast Included
3 x Vehicle Hire: 1 Big Van, 1 WD Truck, and 1 4WD Family Vehicle
Airport Transfers
10 Fiafia Nite Tickets



Well you do the calculations and tell us what youthink it will cost you. But we offer you a rate of :
1,965 NZD per night, or

1,385 USD per night, or

1,790 AUD per night,

Save the hassle, save the headache, we got you covered. If you are interested contact us and let us know how we can help you.

We have some photos of past groups here:








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