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What makes a successful family reunion? When relatives you have not seen in a long time because of Covid-19 restrictions, all come together in one place to catch up and enjoy family activities (with lots of laughter) and sharing of stories. 

Our Accommodation, Venue and Restaurant means we can help you plan your Family Reunion and get together.

We know that Family Reunions are memorable events in a life of a Samoan. Young members of the family visiting Samoa for the first time will always remember the larger gathering of cousins they have not met before, the aunties and uncles, grannies and long time family friends. They will enjoy the beach visits, the BBQs, the celebrations, the food preparations (umu) at the village and many more. 
We believe, your family members coming to your reunion will travel back overseas with memories and stories to cherish and hopefully with a transformed sense of pride in your family and Samoan traditions of respect and 'fealofani'.

At Samoa Tradition Resort, our accommodation units are suitable for the family. They are two bedroom apartments, comfortable, fully aircon and with fans. Can sleep up to 5 guests.

Our venue, is available for family reunion activities and catering of meals. We also have a fiafianite cultural show (with fireknife dancing) that you can hire as your dinner activity and entertainment.

We have a swimming pool onsite - the kids will enjoy, after a heated round trip of the Island during the day.

Our restaurant can assist with your meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can arrange for Samoan Style of menu such as - assorted seafood delicacies that the oldies will enjoy, Umu cooked taro, luau, fish, and the popular size two with Oka (raw fish in coconut cream).

We can also provide suggestions on Transportation, Tours and other activities.

Steps too start our discussion and how we can help you better :

1. Just copy the coloured text below,

2. Paste it in an email,

3. Modify (the zzz) it to your needs and send it to our email address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Talofa, we are seeking a quote to assist with our family reunion plans. The details of our Reunion are as follows:

  1. Total Number of People expected to come to our Reunion (zzz)
  2. Date of Reunion - from zzz of month to zzz of month - total number of days: zzz
  3. Breakdown of families travelling and looking for accommodation:
    1. Family 1 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    2. Family 2 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    3. Family 3 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    4. Family 4 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    5. Family 5 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    6. Family 6 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    7. Family 7 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    8. Family 8 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    9. Family 9 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    10. Family 10 - (No. of Adults - zzz), (number of kids - zzz) 
    11. .... Add as many families as you need
  4. We expect to have the following Activities, at your Resort, please provide a Quote:
    1. Activity 1: zzz
    2. Activity 2: zzz
    3. Activity 3: zzz
    4. ... and so on and so forth
  5. Meals and Catering:
    1. Provide Quote for Breakfast (number of guests - zzz)
    2. Provide Quote for Lunch (number of guests - zzz)
    3. Provide quote for Dinner (number of guests - zzz)
  6. Can we have a Special Fiafianite Cultural Show and Buffet Dinner? (for these dates - zzz)"